We were green before it was cool.
Why? Because Printco believes we have a responsibility to provide our customers with the highest quality product, one that is free of toxins and volatile compounds that damage the environment. We value our customers, so we'll always make your product as eco-friendly as possible ... even when you don't notice.
Soy-based inks on all conventional presses
    • UV-inks cure instantly to reduce VOC emissions
    • Water-based (Aqueous) coatings
    • All of our House stocks are made of partially recycled content and FSC certified
    • Our shipping boxes use recycled material
    • All packing equipment is 100% recyclable
    • 3-phase lighting throughout our facilities provide less energy use
    • Recycling of all paper waste, plates, inks, and solvents

Understanding Recycled Stocks:

When looking for recycled stock options, ask about post-consumer recycled content. These stocks are made from paper that has been used once and sent to a recycling center. Most commercial-grade paper is a blend of recycled and non-recycled material; ask about the percentage of recycled content in the stocks you are using.
"But isn't it brown?" No! The days of ugly recycled paper are well behind us. Modern recycled paper is virtually indistinguishable from virgin blends, and is available in nearly all weights and levels of brightness.
"How do I know it's recycled, then?" We only use paper distributors who are FSC Certified. This means that the international Forest Stewardship Council has verified their chain-of-custody to ensure that they are using responsible sources for their wood pulp and that they are verifying the claims of recycled content for each paper stock they sell.
And because we care, we support Trees for the Future, an international organization that fights deforestation.
Printco's environmental policy.

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