PDF Settings

When you're ready to send your artwork to be printed, follow these PDF settings to properly export your files. This will ensure fonts, colors and images arrive at Printco accurately. Fonts with licensing restrictions may prevent you from creating a PDF file.


A Note on Color...

All RGB images must be converted to CMYK for print production. To ensure accurate color, convert colors to CMYK prior to sending final files.

PDF Settings 1

1. General

Compatibility: Use the highest version available


Please do not send printer or reader spreads.

PDF Settings 2
2. Compression

Color Images: Do Not Downsample

Grayscale Images: Do Not Downsample

Monochrom Images: Do Not Downsample

PDF Settings 3
3. Marks and Bleeds

Marks: Crop Marks/Page Information

Bleed and Slug: Uncheck "Use Document Bleed Settings".

Bleed must be set to .125" - .25"

PDF Settings 4
4. Output

Ink Manager: If not used, PMS and spot colors can be converted to CMYK using the Ink Manager.

PDF Settings 5
5. Advanced

No changes

PDF Settings 6
6. Security

Do not password protect or add permissions

Save Preset: Save all settings for future use

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