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Understanding Printing from Start to Finish


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As with most industries, the printing business can be overwhelming with its jargon and unique specifications. We want to make your life easier, starting with clearing away all that confusion. We have created a number of handy guides to get you started, but remember – you can always call us at 402-593-1080 with questions!


It all starts with a quote

Because every print order is unique, we’ll provide a no-obligation quote, customized to your needs. Read through our Bid Checklist for the basics, then contact us to get started.

See our Estimates menu above for guided walk-throughs for our most popular products, or use the General Bid Request form to get started.

One of our Sales Reps will contact you within one business day with your quote, including suggestions to reduce your costs (for example, in some instances, a slight change to the size can significantly lower your paper costs).

Looking for Inspiration? Ask for paper or coating samples. We also offer a Free General Sample Kit.


Understanding Printing

When you send your files to Printco, we’ll do the trouble-shooting for you. We look at every file to verify size, bleed, and image resolution. We’ll contact you to explain any of these common errors and give you the chance to fix them before your project goes to press.

We’ve also created these handy guides to get you started:


Design Tips


Print, Paper, and Coating Terms


Bindery and Finishing


Mail Services



Still have questions? Call us anytime. We’re happy to help. Honest!


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