NCOA Processing

Millions of people move each year in the US. These moves account for 8% of all mail being undeliverable. You can avoid being in this dreaded 8% by using a tried and true method - the National Change of Address (NCOA) mail list cleansing. NCOA compares over 160 million address changes to your mailing list, thus updating your current list. Each direct mail project that comes to Printco is offered a free list process to check for the basics, like address formatting, missing information and the like. In order to go the extra step, be sure to check NCOA.


3 Steps to Checking NCOA:

  1. Indicate that you'd like to run NCOA on your mailing list.
  2. Fill out an NCOA form, and send it to your Printco Customer Service Representative 
    (Just fill out the top half - we'll help with the rest.)
  3. Printco's Mail Department will process the NCOA form and run NCOA. Your CSR will then return the updated addresses to you.

Quick Tip: the NCOA form is valid for 1 full year.


NCOA Codes

After a mailing list is run through NCOA (the USPS's National Change of Address service), you will receive a final spreadsheet from your Customer Service Rep. This will have additional fields added, including "MoveType_" and "MatchFlag_". This PDF will help you understand the new fields and codes.

Addressing Options

1. NCOA = Specific Person

If you want the piece to go to a specific person, then take advantage of Printco's NCOA mail list cleansing service. If your target has put in a Change of Address, it will be updated and have the best chance of reaching that person.

2. Current Resident = Specific Address

If you want a mailing to go to the specific address, and it won't matter who lives at that address, then use "Current Resident" on the piece.

3. Address Service Requested = Specific Person & Address

If you'd like to receive any mail that did not reach its intended recipient, choose Address Service Requested. Please note: you will be charged postage to return the mail back to the return address.


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